Docteur Fleury has been a medical practioner for the last 25 years, in various capacities- running his private Family medicine and hypnotherapy practice, as well as a medicine lecturer at Tours University (France), and worked as associate producer on national French radio and TV, for which he travelled regularly to the USA and Europe for 13 years.

The Faith Link (2016) is his third book.

He is also an associate Member of the Orleans Academy for Sciences, Literature and Arts

Christian life has been at the center of Fleury's life since 1986, serving as a pastor, church founder and elder.

Max Fleury lives in Orleans, France with his lovely wife Valerie. They have four children living in New-York City, Edinburgh (Scotland) and Paris.



Orléans is a city in north-central France, about 111 kilometres (69 mi) southwest of Paris. It is the capital of the Loiret department and of the Centre-Val de Loire region. Orléans is located on the banks of the Loire River where it curves south towards the Massif Central. On 8 May 1429, Orléans was the site of a famous battle during the Hundred Years War, which allowed Joan of Arc to enter the city and lift the siege of the Plantagenets. The city of New Orleans (in French, La Nouvelle-Orléans), in LouisianaUnited States is named after the city of Orléans, France.