THE FAITH LINK, Scientific Proof that you Belief Determines your Health

by Max Fleury, MD

Charisma House, 2016




There is a plethora of evidence that claims to connect religion with health. Max Fleury summarizes this in an open and accessible way, but does so with a particular angle. In a social and scientific context that favors universality over particularity, Fleury draws our attention to the fact that when we are talking about the relationship between religion and health, we are not simply talking about a general system of beliefs, we are talking about God; in this case the God that Christians have worshiped for thousands of years. Through an interesting blend of theology and science this book offers something that is missing from many similar texts: passion and commitment.

John Swinton, PhD RMN, RNMD, Professor of Practical Theology and Pastoral care, Director, Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom


For the serious religious reader, this book will provide a review of the research on the interrelationships between religiousness and health. The kind of religiousness assumed is positive, from the heart, and devout, in contrast with those manifestations of religion that are hostile and violent — thus the book acknowledges that not all “religion” is the same.  Within its intended orbit of discussion, the book draws parallels between various research findings and various religious, particularly Christian, teachings.  Questions and issues remain, of course.  But at the root of the text is the fundamental principle that the processes involved in believing are what enable human wholeness to be what it is.

Raymond F. Paloutzian, Ph.D. - Co-Editor: Handbook of the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 2nd ed., Guilford, 2013)- Author: Invitation to the Psychology of Religion, 3rd ed. (Guilford, 2016)- Editor: The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion


God is still in the business of healing. Intellectuals may dismiss this idea, and atheists may get upset that people believe in miracles. But I am so grateful that my friend Max Fleury has challenged the status quo by reminding us that healing is real. Jesus Christ healed the sick, and He called His followers to do the same. The power of the Holy Spirit is still alive and well today, and followers of Christ must stretch their faith to expect God's supernatural power to work in their lives.  If you need healing, this book will encourage you to believe in Christ's power. If you are a doubter, this book will challenge your opinions. Let's make room for the supernatural!

J. Lee Grady, Former Editor, Charisma Magazine - Director, The Mordecai Project


This book brings together in a non-technical and non-academic way a concise summary of the voluminous research on spirituality/religion and health with a conservative evangelical account of Christian faith. Not every Christian will agree with the theology, but I don’t think that you have to agree with all that is said here in order to find this a helpful and thought provoking book. The achievement of summarizing in one place an account of Christian faith and practice together with a summary of scientific findings on spirituality and health is a rare achievement.

Chris Cook, BSc MB BS MD MA PhD FRCPsych, Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University, Durham, NC