I am very pleased to present my latest work, THE FAITH LINK, published by Charisma House. The purpose of this book is to bring together medical evidences and clinical studies on the beneficial effects that faith and active spirituality have on health and healing.


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Written in a reader-friendly style, this book demonstrates that Christian spirituality, as taught in the Bible, could be the most suitable form of spirituality for health benefits, both physically and psychologically.  I also provide explanations on why and how- active Christian faith and spirituality are good medicine. 

If you are religious, you have excellent reason to believe and to deepen your faith. Obviously, there are theological reasons, but I hope to persuade you there are also scientific factors behind this view. In any case, the numerous benefits noted within these pages about spirituality means there is more to good health than simply asking for a doctor’s opinion

'The Faith Link is a most valuable contribution to the field of faith and health. The historical dimension of the relationship between faith and medicine offer a clarifying starting point, and sets up an outstanding presentation of the solid medical facts about healing, believing, and spirituality. This is an excellent book that clinicians, social workers, chaplains, and theologians can read with great benefit.'

Stephen G. Post, PhD, Professor of preventive medicine, Director, Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics,Stony Brook University School of Medicine, New-York